Export Service

Ski Current Logistics is a cargo and logistics company with expertise in Air freight and Ocean freight in exporting of items. We provide export solutions of food items, fabrics, cosmetics, documents and we export a full load container of items from Nigeria to 200+ countries across the world. Export delivery service takes 3- 5 business days including doorstep delivery.

Please note, we currently do not ship ponmo, palm oil, cigarette, drugs, beef, branded chicken, knorr maggi, perishable food items, liquid and dried herbs, raw gold and silver, precious stones, perfumes, hair & body spray, insecticides, honey, cash, batteries, chemicals.


Do You miss the taste of that stockfish in your soup? Or that sweet ijebu garri? Or the aroma of the pepper soup filled with the right spices and vegetables for the right filling? Well, we can solve that problem for you by helping you procure the food items you want (from Nigeria) down to your doorstep (in the UK, USA or Canada) thereby saving you time and stress with the click of a few buttons. The items we procure includes food items, personal items and others. Here is a list of shippable food items we can procure for you from Nigeria;

  • Dried/Grind Crayfish,
  • Dried Fish,
  • Dried Ground Pepper (Atagungun),
  • Grind Yam flour (Elubo Isu),
  • Grind Plantain Flour,
  • Grind Bean Flour,
  • Dried Vegetables,
  • Dried Snails,
  • Grind/Dried Ogbona,
  • Dried Hibiscus leaves (Zobo leaves),
  • Garri,
  • Grind/Dried Melon (Egusi),
  • Powdered Spices,
  • Groundnut,
  • Dried Locust beans (Iru),
  • Peanut Bar (Kuli kuli) and
  • Ground plant-based items.

Note:All food items will be vacuum sealed (N500per vacuum seal bag) while fish and plant-based items goes with a phytosanitary certificate (#3000).

Likewise, we also procure different items like personal items (phones, shoes, clothes, etc), industrial and commercial items on behalf of our customers and ship to any part of the world. The procurement fee is charged at 10% of the total value of items procured, which is exclusive of shipping rates.

For further enquiries kindly call 01 343 8283.